What is Privateer Gemini Gold?
It is a freely available game, patterned after the original Wing Commander Privateer, and built using the open source Vegastrike engine.

What is the development status?
The game is playable but not very well balanced, the base computer interfaces are not final, some speech is missing, ship-to-ship communication lacks functionality however the Privateer and Righteous Fire campaign is already implemented.

What are the system requirements for running the game?
It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Most common hardware purchased after 2000 should be able to run the game, 3d acceleration at the level of geForce2 or better is recommended.

Is this game open ended? Is there a storyline?
The plot from the original game is included but the player is free to ignore it and do whatever he or she wants. Just visit the bar on New Detroit and talk to the fixer to start the first campaign.

Is there a multiplayer mode?
Not at this time. Such a feature may be developed in the future for the Vegastrike game engine but we are not sure how or when we will implement it. If you have suggestions concerning this topic please look around here.

I just started the game and nothing is happening. Is it frozen?
Loading delays are normal, especially when you run the game for the first time. It takes time to generate the BSP trees. This could also be an issue with your firewall. See the next question.

OK, I waited, and it's really frozen! or It runs, but I get no music!
If you are running a firewall, such as Windows XP's built in firewall, you must configure the firewall to allow the computer to connect to itself ( The XP firewal pops up an annoying message about blocking the soundserver, if you are in fullscreen, this can freeze your display. Start the game in windowed mode to acknowledge the popup. (choose a windowed mode in the setup program)

How do I eject cargo?
Some missions require you to eject cargto. You can eject your mission cargo by pressing 'shift-x' repeatedly. 'Ctrl-x' can be used to dump all of your cargo (to appease pirates for example).

I can't see the mouse pointer!
If you have a builtin Intel graphics card, go here to download a new driver. Otherwise, run the setup program and under base options, choose one with 'Hardware Cursor'.

How can I get my joystick working on Mac OS X?
Apple is providing a download that should help you to solve the problem.

What is different between Privateer Gemini Gold and the Remake?
While our news section covers some major differences this page will show you a few samples of what is different between both versions.

Where can I go for support?
You can ask questions and give feedback at New Detroid's Com System or visit our second forum at crius.net where you will find many answers to commonly asked question.

How can i contact the development team?
You can write us an email.

I want to help you, what can i do?
Therefore we have created a special thread on the com grid.

Can i set a link to your website? / Are you providing any pictures?
Yes, take a look here to find buttons or other small pictures.

Are you still there working on the project?
Of course, due to other obligations the project may sometimes look abandoned.

How is Privateer licensed or under what terms can I grab something out of Gemini Gold for another project?
The whole codebase was published under the GPL (license copy). Image, artwork or an animation created by a Gemini Gold artist is the property of the creator and coverd under the GG art license, you need permission to use it.

Where can i learn more about the Wing Commander Universe?
There is a huge database about all the Wing Commander stuff around but for Privateer itself we suggest you visit this place.