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posted: 20 Oct 2015, 10:05

When I attempt to execute the "Privateer Setup Run This for New 1.03" file I get the following:

Last login: Tue Oct 13 19:26:43 on ttys000

cd ~/.privgold100; pwd; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="`cat /tmp/setup.pwd`"; setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "`cat /tmp/setup.pwd`"; "`cat /tmp/setup.pwd`/vssetup"; exit

Rosemarie-Shifleys-MacBook-Pro:~ brentshifley$ cd ~/.privgold100; pwd; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="`cat /tmp/setup.pwd`"; setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "`cat /tmp/setup.pwd`"; "`cat /tmp/setup.pwd`/vssetup"; exit


-bash: setenv: command not found

-bash: /Applications/Privateer Setup Run This for New 1.03 Bad CPU type in executable


Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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posted: 24 Oct 2015, 21:45

Sorry, but I'm afraid you may not get much help. :( The project is pretty much dead, and none of the original developers are around anymore to provide support. In fact, this same problem was reported in 2014, and no one had any solutions at that time. I suggested then that you could try posting at the Vegastrike forums, but that project is pretty much dead as well, so that probably won't help either.

Other than trying to manually edit the setup file by hand (vegastrike.config on Windows systems - YMMV), I don't know what else to tell you. Can you run the game at all?
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posted: 14 Jun 2016, 09:28

It seems I have the same problem with the setup :(

Have you managed to find any solution to the problem? I would be glad to get any help!
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