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posted: 05 Jul 2017, 17:01

ok, I'll take these findings into account once I'll be ready to update my tweak pack :)
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posted: 06 Jul 2017, 02:14


Some reports about tractor here. To move the tractor from gun mount to missile mount solve the annoying ITTS problem, yet it produce new problems:

1. The tractor beam will last for a while after fire missile button is pushed. Though it is actually convenient in some scenarios, but the lasting period seems different to me. Looks like that when a target is selected and tracked by tractor, it will last longer. So far I don't know how to solve it...

2. The traditional shop interface will treat the installed tractor beam as a missile launcher. It may not so hard to solve via, but I haven't spent my time on this.

If it is a better way to solve ITTS problem, may be an overhaul of current structures will be needed. Says, how to create a missile type mount that can be used by tractor only, how to make player to buy it from shop interfaces...

BTW, I've seen some youtuber played original Privateer recently. The art of missile launcher installed on the Orion in original ship upgrade booth is a single launcher with two tubes. 8)

Since you've added a gun mount to Orion and I really love it, to make Orion capable to installed 2 missile launcher may be overpower. Just wondering if the original developer team ever tried to design an exclusive missile launcher for Orion, says, with two tubes (i.e the rate of fire is the same with two missile launchers) but with limited missile number of 10 . Or in another way, a single rate of fire with 20 missiles. :lol:
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posted: 06 Jul 2017, 03:03

And for my thoughts about auto-turrets:

I actually enable the AI auto-turrets and its corresponding control keys in the vegastrike.config. But I never feel it and actually I don't pay much attentions on this, since the Orion is good and really don't rely on it. For me, an auto rear turret without auto-tracking is fine for my Orion. All I need from a auto rear turret fires like a, well, WWII bomber turret. Scare the bandits off my tail. And anyway, even through I did't feel my auto turret works, it fine for me.

I knew some players here and in the WC CIC really want auto-tracking turrets, especially on Galaxy. From my point of view it is ok to have accurate turrets for players who really want them - with appropriate price. Says, add some "advanced turrets" with auto-tracking functions, or even bigger guns, much higher prices and share the energy drains with other components when turrets firing looks reasonable to me.

As for the whole balance aspect of player crafts:
1. My favorite Orion: Competitive with other crafts now, with a lot of expensive followed up upgrades. Fun to play as a gunship or even a ram ship from my crazy test previously!

2. Centurion : A dreamed space superior fighter with 350,000. I never flied it in Gemini Gold. From my memory about it, it is already good, all in one. No need to buy thrust enhancer and speed enhancer (Too much agility I think). Does it really need any type of rear turret for players? :wink:

3. Galaxy: I loved to fly it when I was a kid and pretending I was Han Solo! :lol:
Never flied her in Gemini Gold, either. She may be fine with options of different turrets. I don't think she will be overpower this way, since after all her top SPD, ACC and turn performances are not that good. In Gemini Gold, these factors are keys of battles from my experiences so far. The balance of her may rely on her ability to protect herself. Well, shall we tried to make her capable to complete the campaigns...?

4. Tarsus : At least for my flying skill, it is impossible for me to complete the campaigns with her, as I do in original Privateer. I actually love this feeling of surviving as a FedEx boy supporting (and contraband smuggling) the Gemini Sector via good non-stop cargo missions and some simple scouting missions now. I thought she is good now. Really not that hard to run off dangers with twin missile launchers.

BTW, I've seen there are some turret with quasi-infinite range for AI ships. Is it the reason why some AI ship fires their turrets forever? It is just a minor issue.

As for guns, I really appreciate your tweaks now, just some thoughts:

We might need a advanced laser type gun here. Low damages, low dps, high SPD for accuracy and high rate of fire. Can be done by modifying particle or tachyon guns since for machine guns' types now, ion is the best in Privateer campaigns, fusion is the best in RF campaigns.

It will be difficult regarding particle and tachyon. Though I didn't know well about the balance of the AI ships, at least I know the true antagonists in Privateer Universe are Talons, and particle guns are their signatures. Tachyons on the other ways, the favorite guns for Old Privateer players...

For neutron guns... may be it is a good way to make their rate of fire, projectile speed and range close to Plasma guns, with much higher energy drain per sec compare to Plasma guns. Quite similar as your excellent works on meson guns and mass drivers.

For plasma guns, a higher rate of fire may be good. My thought about neutron and plasma guns is, they work like machine cannons. They really deal big damage per hit, just a little bit higher DPS then other type of guns close to their prices, and that's the reason why they have higher energy drains. No pain, no gains... :lol:

Just FYI, I equipped my Orion with Plasma in central mount 1, twin Ions (TIE fighter? :lol: ) for another mounts. I love this configurations so much, and I might keep my Plasma in central in RF, and change twin Ions to twin Fusions.

Appreciate for your already great tweak and the coming greater tweak ! :D
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