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posted: 06 Dec 2015, 14:35


+ fixed a bug with Attack missions not working at all.

+ missions objectives on the VDU are made similar to original Priv. E.g. now you won't be given a detailed flight path, have to figure it yourself.

+ minor fix to Escort mission to further prohibit the escortee changing destination as he likes.
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posted: 06 Dec 2015, 22:37

Attack missions works perferctly now except I think they are underpaid for the opposition they have vs. for eample, scout missions.

There are still some problems with escort missions:
-escortee doesn't follow, or you may loose him in the middle of the way if you encounter enemy. In this case you are not even able to get back to check if he is still on the starting point.

I think there are too many escort missions available (at least in the beginning) and with a risk of loosing escortee during the flight, intra-system escorts are especialy risky business.

One more offtopic suggestion:
another exploit: Taking cargo mission (let's say 100 grain), dump them all in the space and tractor them back as a space salvage and earn 100x200 credits in notime.
To avoid this, this should be done:
-Space salvage should be way cheaper
-If you want to take cargo mission you should pay for the goods (and on the end, either get the paid cash back+bounty, or the price should be as high on the end to earn the mission's bounty. I guess this is very hard to implement
- if you dump the cargo, merchant guild should change attitude towards you to hostile :)

Overall this is a great mod and I really love that shaking off enemies from your tail is not that easy. (except if you are using (for me newly discovered) sheltonkey and fire on the enemy while flying backwards) I'll stop using this key alltogether - it's much too easy with it.
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posted: 07 Dec 2015, 17:38

In my mod, the escortee does not follow you at all. It's you have to follow the strict flightpath not straying far away from the escortee. If you do, some time is given to return back and the escortee just waits for you. If you fail to come back close to the escortee the mission is failed.

Tip: mission status and directions are shown on the Missions VDU, keep it active.

My impression is it's internal randomizer sometimes gives you too many missions of particular type. Overall it's working just fine to my taste.
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posted: 08 Dec 2015, 16:19

Wow! Project not RIP! :-)
Good alternative for EDangerous! Lets rock! :-)
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posted: 08 Dec 2015, 21:32

*Tip: mission status and directions are shown on the Missions VDU, keep it active.

Yes I know about that, but once I'm behind him a press autopilot to destination and sometimes I loose him. I think the higher the distance between me and him the greater the chance (ofc all within 15.000 clics distance between us), but I can't 100% confirm that.

One more suggestion. Sometimes after the autopilot in the asteroid zone I end up just few clicks away from the asteroid in which I inevitably crash... Is it possible to end autopilot let's say 1000-2000 clicks before asteroids?

And something else: Is it possible to find Lynch in the Pyrenees system (offering 200k service) before meeting sandoval? It' just happened to me today...
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posted: 09 Dec 2015, 09:31

Yes, I think it also happened to me when the escortee is unexpectedly "lost" after the autopilot when he must not. Probably these glitches are beyond my abilities, looks like VS engine is the cause and I won't mess with it.

For the same reason I can't do anything to the autopilot procedure :-(

Regarding Lynch, seems like a bug but I don't remember it ever happened to me. I'll put it on my list to investigate once I make the next attempt to improve the pack.
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posted: 20 Dec 2015, 23:26

There are 2 more glitches in the game, but this is already an old story- nothing to do with mod.
1. After a while (restarting game helps), jumping with speed can be dangerous I think that, the closer you are to the border of a jump gas, the more damage you'll take after the jump. Solution in simple - before jump reduce speed to 0.
2. Sometimes after buying new ship and new target system, the target gets damaged after launch. I don't really know when and why this happens (it doesn't happen every time)- Solution: buying repair droid. Once I bought centurion and target, launched and immediately return to base to repair it. I paid 9k for repair, launched again and the target was again damaged to orange level. Got back to base and saw that repair would again cost me 9k. Then I reload the savegame...
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posted: 21 Dec 2015, 10:37

yeah, those bugs will remain forever)
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posted: 22 Dec 2015, 21:28

Is there any way to activate the "cheats" that were available in the original game? It would be nice to be able to flip them on and just do some trade runs, or to make the early game less harrowing.

Also, is there any way to merge the updated textures with the GoG version of Privateer?
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posted: 23 Dec 2015, 10:49

AFAIK, no way to use cheats. But you can adjust many things in the code, I can give a hint if you ask something particular...

Can't say anything about textures.
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