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posted: 27 May 2015, 16:34

so, v3.00 is out :o

the docfile was not updated, and the Defend mission is still the same. These things along with some more are left for the upcoming releases.

Changelog, only most noticeable changes are listed:

+ random encounters: spawn chances are not all the same within systems, most navpoints have their own adjustments. For instance, the navpoint connecting to a more "dangerous" system has higher chance of enemy spawn.
+ retro AI temporarily switched to an unbuggy one, similar to pirates. I'll try to fix the original retro AI script in the next updates.
+ Tarsus initial cargo hold reduced from 100 to 75
+ Plutonium: bigger profit from trading
+ Ship prices: Orion 75k, Galaxy 150k, Centurion 350k. First two prices are now exactly the same as in original Priv. But you have to work a little bit more to get the Centurion.
+ Galaxy: bigger inertia and slower pitch/yaw, afterburner speed reduced to 700. Yes, Galaxy is nerfed which relates to cargo mission adjustments.
+ Some adjustments to missiles, see the related picture within the pack
+ fixed glitchy initial cargo expansion!
+ mostly fixed ITTS but something is still to be done manually, see 1st post for details
+ Now prices between radar types do not overlap. Best radars cost much more, but at last there can be a reason to buy each of the available radars
+ random encouters: within an asteroid field, ships spawned correctly (inside, not outside)
+ thicker armor/shield_lev2 for all Demons

Missions-related changes:

+ More durable Talons appear in Bounty missions
+ guilds/computer: full missions quantity less often
+ guilds: smaller cash bonus, but the best-payed missions are much more likely to appear in a guild, and low-payed in missions computer
+ bounty missions now both at merchant and merc guilds, scout missions only at computer, defend missions moved from merchant to merc guild
+ both guilds entry fee 10k
+ missions flightpaths: now the easiest is always suggested, or 50/50 if they are similar. For instance, previously the path from Junction to XXN-1927 was always suggested through 119-CE instead of New Constantinople. Thus the payment was not conformed to the actual difficulty. Another example is Junction > Nexus > Tingerhoff > Perry route which was suggested instead of the significantly less dangerous route via New Constantinople. Etc.
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posted: 27 May 2015, 16:54

... and that's not all. Most missions were overhauled, some of them completely. Very rough guide, details omitted:

1. Patrol:
Only random enemies. Base reward is quite low, but you get extra payment per destroyed enemy within the patrol area.

2. Rescue:
Most often you have to find the pilot around a navpoint, and he can be quite far away. But you have a beacon signal which helps you to choose the right direction. You are likely to face the hostiles who destroyed the pilot's ship while looking for him.
Or there can be no beacon and you have to search between two given navpoints.
Better radar helps by the increased detection range.

3. Cargo:
The amount of cargo can now be up to 135. The payment significantly depends on a ship type required to handle the cargo: big profits can be earned only with Tarsus/Galaxy. Thus I nerfed Galaxy stats and raised it's price, see the above post.
Contraband run: upon a success, the relations with militia/confed might be improved if you was caught on the run. Not fully, but just enough to make it reasonable taking this kind of missions

4. Escort:
You have to really escort the ship from your base to another one in a different system. Occassionally, there will be in-system runs. If the escortee is destroyed you suffer a creds penalty (half the mission reward).
There is a base payment plus a per-ship bonus for enemies, destroyed enroute. There will be only random enemies.
You can't stray away from the given route.
Pay close attention to the VDU, missions task screen.
Also, read the first post about strange escortee behavior.

5. Attack:
Just one navpoint to clear, prerandomized number of enemies spawned wave by wave.

6. Bounty:
Original Priv-like search across 3 systems. First system has twice higher chance of finding the enemy, it's the obvious place to start the search.
There will be some 'special' encounters in addition to the enemy, but don't expect big surprise: this is mostly to add the immersion.
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posted: 27 May 2015, 17:17

So that's it, I hope everything works well.

There is still quite a list of interesting things I'd like to fix/improve in the upcoming releases. The next one is likely to happen in June, towards the end of it.

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posted: 27 May 2015, 23:14

... of course, last minute changes have introduced a silly bug, now fixed and reuploaded
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posted: 28 May 2015, 19:26

Big human thanks!
Have a nice space!
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posted: 28 May 2015, 20:21

thanks, you too :)
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posted: 05 Dec 2015, 21:27


I think this mod is a great improvement over 1.03 design, but I got some problems with the game anyway.

Firstly, I cannot do attack missions (not in-sys not in external systems). I can accept them and if i take 3 of them the mission computer will say that I cannot take any more of them but if I got to Quine 4025 I won't see any attack mission to be done. The same is whan I Launch in space my mission window show no attack mission. Do you have any clue regarding this?

Secondly, I bind space to SheltonKey, but when pressing space my ship still fires guns...

And lastly, why only Ion cannon has no stability value?

Oh, and regarding missles, I think they are still too cheap. With 20 missles you don't even need to bother with guns (except vs kamehk and jones's too many friends) :)
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posted: 06 Dec 2015, 10:29

Hi, it's a long time since I've seen a good portion of feedback :)

1. Just have doublechecked, no attack missions problems. Run the game, reproduce the bug, then go to Priv folder and send me the logfiles: stdout.txt and stderr.txt

2. Search through the config file for other "space" key usages, bind them to something different. My choice is LMB for guns (and RMB for missiles).

3. If you talk about the "stability" parameter in weapons.xml it is not used AFAIK. It's the "longrange" parameter that sets how fast the gunshot loses it's damage power.

4. Well, raise the price yourself, file master_part_list.xml. Find the lines like "heatseeker_ammo,upgrades/Ammunition,80,", the price is 80 here. Also, it's probably an option to reduce the amount of missiles in a launcher, but it's a bit more complicated adjustment.

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posted: 06 Dec 2015, 13:54


Yeah I play priv every once in a while :)

1. Ok after uninstall and reinstall I managed to get the same problem with in-sys attack mission: here are the files you requested (in zip)

2. I managed to config SheltonKey correctly now and it's working, but I see a great exploit of this. In the beginning, tarsus has too little energy for continous afterburner, but once you gain speed with afterburner, and use shelton key, then you don't need to afterburn anymore, but speed remains the same (left, or right)
I get to bases a lot faster with this trick than before I just need to align a base on my flank.

3. Stability I mean in weapon_list.xml. Most guns have stability="6", ion cannon however doesn't even have this attribute.
<Bolt name="Ion" mountsize="heavy">
<Energy rate="5" refire=".2">

and plasma:
<Bolt name="Plasma" mountsize="heavy">
<Energy rate="16" stability="6" refire=".7">

4. This was just a comment... I will change this my preferences once I solve attack mission problem.

Thank you for your quick reply.
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posted: 06 Dec 2015, 14:22

1. My fault, one file was not included into the pack. I'll release the next version today.

2. Yep and it's not the only cheesy trick of the Shelton. Just don't abuse it if you want a fair game.

3. Correct, and as I said above it seems to be an unused value.
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