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posted: 02 Jul 2010, 19:28


I just saw a hilarious rant on how good Privateer and how bad Privateer2 was on The Spoony Experiment.

Luckily I found your Project right afterwards to remind myself how awesome Privateer really was :)
So first of all: Thank you very much for that. I didn't play much yet, but it seems to be very promising.

My Problem:
I use a Playstation3 controller to play and spent quite some time now to set it up properly.

I was able to assign all buttons and axes to my liking, but I have no clue how to address the "D-Pad" (the four Arrow-Keys on the left side of the device).

Does one of you know how to reach there keys?

My code so far:
Code: Select all
<!-- #joy_throttle joy_t_a_rev joy_throttle_and_axis joy_axis joy_normal -->
      <bind joystick="0" player="0" button="0" modifier="none" command="NearestTargetKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="1" modifier="none" command="LockTargetKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="2" modifier="none" command="SetVelocityRefKey" />

      <bind joystick="0" button="3" modifier="none" command="AutoKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="4" modifier="none" command="SheltonKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="5" modifier="none" command="TargetKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="6" modifier="none" command="ABKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="7" modifier="none" command="FireKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="8" modifier="none" command="WeapSelKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="9" modifier="none" command="MisSelKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="10" modifier="none" command="DecelKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="11" modifier="none" command="AccelKey" />
      <bind joystick="0" button="12" modifier="none" command="Cockpit::NavScreen" />

      <axis name="x" joystick="0" axis="3" inverse="false" />
      <axis name="y" joystick="0" axis="2" inverse="false" />
<!-- #end -->

<!-- #joy_axis joy_throttle_and_axis -->
         <axis name="z" joystick="0" axis="0" inverse="true" />
<!-- #end -->

Thanks for any idea,

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posted: 31 Dec 2013, 04:11

Here is the mapping for a pa3 controller. I am using this on a mac but I assume it is the same for windows

Code: Select all
    <!-- #joy_throttle joy_t_a_rev joy_throttle_and_axis joy_axis joy_normal -->
          <bind joystick="0" player="0" button="0" modifier="none" command="MissionTargetKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="1" modifier="none" command="SwitchCombatMode" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="2" modifier="none" command="ToggleWarpDrive" />

          <bind joystick="0" button="3" modifier="none" command="PauseKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="4" modifier="none" command="AccelKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="5" modifier="none" command="JumpKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="6" modifier="none" command="DecelKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="7" modifier="none" command="TargetKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="8" modifier="none" command="WeapSelKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="9" modifier="none" command="SheltonKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="10" modifier="none" command="ABKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="11" modifier="none" command="FireKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="12" modifier="none" command="MisSelKey" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="13" modifier="none" command="Cockpit::SwitchLVDU" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="14" modifier="none" command="Cockpit::SwitchRVDU" />
          <bind joystick="0" button="15" modifier="none" command="MissileKey" />

          <axis name="y" joystick="0" axis="3" inverse="false" />
          <axis name="x" joystick="0" axis="2" inverse="false" />
    <!-- #end -->

    <!-- #joy_axis joy_throttle_and_axis -->
             <axis name="z" joystick="0" axis="0" inverse="true" />
    <!-- #end -->

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posted: 05 Jan 2014, 03:04

This is the custom code I'm using for my Xbox controller if you want to look it over.
The section for <!-- hatswitch:BEGIN --> is my d-pad.
But I find using it for the Jumpkey doesn't seem to work so well for some reason.
Also - I removed all the original Joystick settings in the joystick section to avoid conflicts with the code I'm using.
The whole code section I've listed IS the joystick settings in my config.
You can see certain item are "remarked" out to disable that part.

Code: Select all
<!-- #joy_mad -->
<axis name="x" joystick="0" axis="0" inverse="false" />
<axis name="y" joystick="0" axis="1" inverse="true" /> <!-- Paul's trying true to reverse Y dir -->
<!-- <axis name="z" joystick="0" axis="3" inverse="false" /> -->

<axis name="hatswitch" nr="0" margin="0.26" joystick="0" axis="4">
<hatswitch value="-0.75"/>
<hatswitch value="0.75"/>

<axis name="hatswitch" nr="1" margin="0.26" joystick="0" axis="5">
<hatswitch value="-0.75"/>
<hatswitch value="0.75"/>

<axis name="hatswitch" nr="2" margin="0.26" joystick="0" axis="2">
<hatswitch value="-0.75"/>
<hatswitch value="0.75"/>

<axis name="hatswitch" nr="3" margin="0.26" joystick="0" axis="3">
<hatswitch value="-0.75"/>
<hatswitch value="0.75"/>

<bind hatswitch="0" button="0" command="RollRightKey" /> <!-- Joy2 Xaxis -->
<bind hatswitch="0" button="1" command="RollLeftKey" />  <!-- Joy2 Xaxis -->
<!-- <bind hatswitch="1" button="1" command="FireKey" /> --> <!-- not valid -->
<!-- <bind hatswitch="1" button="0" command="FireKey" /> --> <!-- not valid -->
<bind hatswitch="2" button="0" command="FireKey" /> <!-- Right Bumper -->
<bind hatswitch="2" button="1" command="NearestTargetKey" /> <!-- Left Bumper -->
<!-- <bind hatswitch="3" button="0" command="FireKey" /> --> <!-- Joy2 Yaxis -->
<!-- <bind hatswitch="3" button="1" command="FireKey" /> --> <!-- Joy2 Yaxis -->

<bind joystick="0" button="0" modifier="none" command="ABKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="1" modifier="none" command="AccelKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="2" modifier="none" command="DecelKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="3" modifier="none" command="SheltonKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="4" modifier="none" command="ReverseNearestTargetKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="5" modifier="none" command="MissileKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="6" modifier="none" command="PickTargetKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="7" modifier="none" command="LockTargetKey" />
<bind joystick="0" button="8" modifier="none" command="Cockpit::GunMode" />
<bind joystick="0" button="9" modifier="none" command="Cockpit::MissileMode" />

<!-- hatswitch:BEGIN -->
<bind joystick="0" digital-hatswitch="0" direction="up"
<bind joystick="0" digital-hatswitch="0" direction="left" command="JumpKey"/>
<!-- bind joystick="0" digital-hatswitch="0" direction="center"
command="Cockpit::Inside" -->
<bind joystick="0" digital-hatswitch="0" direction="right"
<bind joystick="0" digital-hatswitch="0" direction="down"
<!-- hatswitch:END -->

<!-- #end -->

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