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posted: 24 Feb 2010, 19:58

Developers needed

You like Privateer Gemini Gold and want to help us make it better?
You want to become a part of the development team and enjoy the work on the next release?

This is how you become an active developer

Now you will learn some details about how you can make changes to the next upcoming release of the game. The latest development version of Gemini Gold was recently uploaded to the SVN service at sourceforge and is available for the general public to checkout. It includes the game engine and the game data.

About SVN
SVN (Subversion) is a tool used by many software developers to manage changes within their source code tree. SVN provides the means to store not only the current version of a piece of source code, but a record of all changes (and who made those changes) that have occurred to that source code. Use of SVN is particularly common on projects with multiple developers, since SVN ensures changes made by one developer are not accidentally removed when another developer posts their changes to the source tree.

Information about accessing this Subversion repository may be found in our document titled "Subversion (Version Control for Source Code)".

In order to access a Subversion repository, you must install a special piece of software called a Subversion client. Subversion clients are available for most any operating system. Information about Subversion client software may be found in our document titled "Recommended User Software Configuration".

Access SVN
To get access to svn you need:
1. a account
2. permission by us ( to access svn
3. a svn client like Tortoise SVN to connect to the svn service
""; sourceforge username + psw)

Now you are able to checkout (download) the development version, commit changes to Gemini Gold's sources and help to speed up development of the game. The SVN repository provides the game data stored in SVN trunk/data and the game engine sources stored in trunk/engine (a modified version of the vegastrike engine).

Coordinate development
In order to coordinate development we have the developer section in our forum. You get permission to access it through your regulary forum account by making a request to, please include your favourite avatar wish from one of the privateer commodity/upgrade items. Your forum status will change then from >Privateer< to >Developer<.

Gemini Gold's development currently only focuses on the task to rebuild Privateer not to extend it or to add any fan changes/content.

If you are a C++ coder you can help to improve the game engine and work on:
1. getting an original like nav computer implemented into the game (all nav computer graphics are available as high res 2D sprites)
2. improve the AI
3. fix bugs

We could also use some help within the following areas:
1. Modeling
2. Animations
3. Space Backgrounds
4. Speech Grabbing
5. Beta Testing
6. Let the people know...
X. Bar People and Space Backgrounds

1. Modeling
If you are new to the modeling business you need a program to create models. Wings3D ( ) is an easy to use free open source tool most of our ship models were created with. Maya or 3DStudio Max are best for Base Interiors.

What are we looking for:
- Refinery (new model + texture)
- Mining Base (new model + texture)

High Res Base Artwork (remodel and texture the base interiors)
- Retro's Eden (new model + texture)

2. Animations
We need high res explosion animations similar to those the original Privateer used. You can send them in as a set of transparent png files.

3. Space Backgrounds
A talented artist who would like to start recreating the original Privateer space backgrounds in high resolution.

4. Speech Grabbing
Maybe you have already heard that sometimes speech sounds pretty bad, that's why it was recorded in some cases with a microphone while running the original Privateer in Dosbox, some speech is even missing especially in the second campaign.

Someone is needed who is able to rerecord the speech in a more professional way - so we can replace the scratchy sounds. - - -

5. Beta Testing
Beta Testers who would like to take a look at the newest development version while reporting bugs and suggestions are always welcome. Send your application to and we get back to you soon...

6. Let the people know...
Privateer is back :)
Project Lead
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posted: 01 Mar 2010, 14:36

I'm writing a E-mail now.
btw: About Point 4: DOSBox has its own internal sound recorder.
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posted: 22 Oct 2010, 15:09

Hi, I dont want to become a developer, because my skill is not so high, but I want help You.
I'm able to extract the sound and speech files, convert it to any format and KHz/bit rate, so we dont need rerecording.
Let me know if you want my help.
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posted: 25 Oct 2010, 20:47

Well, on my old computer I am still able (since the 1.03 beta) to access the latest SVN with username and password saved by TortoiseSVN (currently I have revision 277). I have never commited files, only did checkouts. :)
But it seems that I have lost the Email with the access data, so I am not able to get access on my new computer. :?
And on the old computer I am not able to play the game anymore after I have installed an ATI X1xxx graphic card. :oops:

I will write an email, to get access for beta testing.

I don't know if you know this side with already extracted speech files in mp3.
There is also a file for download to extract speech at your own, called Game Audio Player (never tried it myself).
It looks like the files have to be cut in pieces, because most of them contain the whole part of a mission speech.
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posted: 09 Feb 2012, 06:37

Well, if any sounds are missing and whatnot - I can extract them from the game. After much trial, turns out they're in VOC format, but can easily be converted. Privateer - good times. More than happy to help on this one. :D
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posted: 09 Feb 2012, 06:39

Wellerty - Turns out the game sound files are in VOC format - but they can be easily converted. More than happy to help out with this one if need be. Privateer - Good times. :D
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posted: 03 Mar 2012, 20:00

I may try to draw high-res backgrounds. I'm generally using Gimp. Before trying, what does I need to know ? Note that I'm not professional and I don't promise anything, but I loose nothing to try. Contact at
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posted: 06 Mar 2012, 20:10

I am interested in contributing as a developer. (call me codeslicer). I have the skills, but perhaps not the time :(. I have an idea about porting this for Android tablets and iPads. Does that sound interesting? You may contact me directly at the email I registered with. Great work so far, guys!
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posted: 06 Mar 2012, 20:14

Testing - where is my post?

It was waiting in the moderation que for someone to approve/disapprove it :wink:
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posted: 09 Mar 2012, 03:56

For an Android/iPad port head over to Vega Strike forums as Privateer GG uses the vegastrike engine to handle all of its graphics. There is at least one post I can remember on this subject though I don't remember specifics about the discussion.
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