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posted: 24 Dec 2017, 23:48

HI all and Merry Xmas-- having a ton of fun playing the game again.
I have been playing for a while and just paid to join the mercenaries guild and no matter where I go...... I can go in the office, click on the PC .....but there are no missions. The little bin beside the desk where I see discs in the Merchants guild is always empty. No error message or such when I click on the pc on the desk.- nothing happens . Got to be missing something....
Thanks much.....
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posted: 25 Dec 2017, 10:21

Hi and welcome,

two questions: are you playing with my tweak pack installed? Can you send me logfiles stderr.txt and stdout.txt (they are in PGG installation folder, and you should try to take a merc mission before you send the files)?
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posted: 27 Dec 2017, 00:47

Thanks much for the reply. Picture me placing the palm of my right hand forcefully to my thick forehead if you please! :)
I must have gone back to a saved game before I joined the mercenaries guild. Opps. Cant get missions if you are not a member no matter how many times I tell the chick doing her nails that "I am a Member- I AM I AM I AM"!
Games imitate life somehow.
Well just bought my Gemini and am enjoying its big cargo hold so progressing and loving it. Got to be my favorite game of all time.
While I have your attention if I may...I see that the other Wing Commanders are for sale for short money - any idea if we can get them to play in a newer Win 10 system? Have heard of it but not used it but Dosbox perhaps?
I still have my Wing Commander Prophecy discs and have had it in the back of my mind for years to try that one also with Dosbox but have not done so yet.
If not I'm going to have to start trolling some friends for an old machine that would run them....
Thanks again and have a great New Year
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posted: 27 Dec 2017, 21:37

Yes, you should be able to get all the old Wing Commander games to play in Dosbox. In fact, when you buy them through, they come set up with Doxbox already configured.
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posted: 28 Dec 2017, 02:08

KK thanks for that info on Dosbox/WC. I seem to have bad memories of the last time I tried to use it so that's great on it coming set up with the WC games.
If I could pick your brain for one more - I have googled and see lots of conflicting info and none that helps me regarding the tractor beam in Privateer Gemini Gold.
I have not tried to use one until the orion and have bought a turret but it won't let me buy the tractor beam.
Thanks in advance
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posted: 28 Dec 2017, 11:58

I think there is no use for turrets in PGG, this stuff was not implemented properly.

If you play with my tweak pack, I think Orion has a special slot for a tractor beam on the front side... so you can have both launcher and tractor.
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