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posted: 08 Feb 2017, 19:29

I cannot change the read only game files in Excel. I am trying to make the ships and upgrades affordable. I have over 40 hours into this current play through, however the cost to afford everything needed to follow the quest line of the game seems to require a tremendous amount more in game money, like almost one million credits to outfit just an Orion, let alone a Centurion. Any ideas ? I also cannot find my current saved game files, either. The .privgold100\serialized_xml file folder is empty. The save file folder is also empty. I am playing the Gemini Gold version. Thanks.
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posted: 09 Feb 2017, 09:51

Hi, it seems the Windows does not let you change the game files.

I'm not sure my solution is the best, usually I just remove "read-only" flag and give myself full permissions for the Priv folder.
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posted: 13 Feb 2017, 02:12

I tried the permission route, but the master_parts_list.cvs will not allow the read only flag to be removed. Even when I modify the list in either Excel or Notepad, I try to save the file and it will not let me, saying that the file path, to the file that I just altered, does not exist !!! How can I read it, if it does not exist ? I only have an old e-machine computer and Office 7, so maybe it will not, or cannot, alter the document, even though I gave myself permission and removed the read only flag from the file, but the document still has the read only flag. :twisted:
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